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What is Team DeAngelo?

Team DeAngelo is a Training company, My business teaches you have to make money with MCA, CPA, Ebay, amazon, click bank, craigslist, twitter, NWC, 4 corners etc. The list goes on, I mean they have apps in there that will make you money with just your phone. That our business is growing so fast. Lets take MCA for example, they so many people, people are quitting everyday! They some people are getting bad sponsors that don’t teach them anything and let them hanging. They don’t know how to market, they just want someone to tell them hows it done. You send them to Team DeAngelo, they learn how to market, online and offline.

Make money with just your phone.

Survey Sites That Work

FeaturePoints: Earn Money And Rewards For Trying Free Apps

You can make about $30-$90 a month on your own
But if you get other people and you make half of what they make. So if their also making $30-$90 and your getting half, even if they only make $30 your getting $15 bucks for the month you still come out with a extra money. If you have only 10 people under you, you get $150+ your $30-$90 bucks. Easy Money.

If you have more than one phone, you can use those as well.

If you have 2 phones, in stead of making $30-$90 it will be $60-$180

Easy money, takes a few minutes a day.

How to set up an account:
1. Get an Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, andriod phone or tablet
2. Go to and create http://goo.gl/kzKnmD an account
3. Make sure to use my code you get an extra 50 to start with and it helps me out to 9DB4TN
4. Download it and download and try apps for about a 30 secs, then exit and make sure you got your points.

Tell your friends, you can also use the training you got for promoting Team DeAngelo.

  1. You signup: http://bit.ly/1NoFpfn
  2. Login and start doing surveys offers etc
  3. To do offers that require a crate for more pay out use the $20 free Netspend debit card: http://goo.gl/THvm2x

Swagbucks is an online rewards and cash back program. Simply do the things you’d normally do online, such as search the web, answer polls, watch videos, play games, and shop; you’ll accumulate points that are quickly redeemable for free gift cards, PayPal Cash or pre-paid cards from Visa. Almost $100M in cash and rewards have been awarded.

  1. Signup: http://bit.ly/22uZx6h
  2. Login and search the web, do offers, etc
  3. Once you have enough points you cash out.
  1. Signup: http://bit.ly/1T4IWDY
  2. Login go to offers and do offers to get one credit, do a trial offer get your and then refer someone
  3. They do the same thing and you get paid. If you don’t know how to get someone use the training under adverting
  4. Cash out they pay through paypal unlimited $20 commissions
  1. Signup http://bit.ly/1NoHWpS
  2. Same thing as above complete an offer and refer someone to do the same thing.
  3. You can do the free offer such as uber but they act a little funny with that one. You should just use the netspend card or a debit card or credit card and do a trial offer then make sure you cancel.
  4. I did the “The Mayo Clinic Diet” offer, you can also do the uber offer for free. ( Use real Information)
  5. Cash out unlimited $6.75 commissions

They have a few websites

This one you receive $27 per referral

  1. Signup: http://bit.ly/1rfUzyU
  2.  Do offer: The Economist – $12.00
  3. I will end give you your money back, for spending it on that offer.
  4. Email me: DeAngelosrewards@gmail.com
  5. Send me the same email that you used to signup with.
  6. I will send you your $12 via paypal
  1. Signup: http://qriket.com/invite/IGHEXO
  2. Download app
  3. Sign in and tap get more spins, spend and get the wheel.
  4. Then cash out
  1. Signup: http://shoemoney.net/r/409882
  2. Follow the steps they will pay you a dollar your paypal in the first 5mins

Companies have questions and you answer them that simple.

  1. 1q.com
  2. Download the app and setup your profile
  3. Answer questions for 25 cents or 50 cent, no minimum payout. It gets sent right to your paypal right then and there.
  1. Hitleap: https://hitleap.com/by/skullman25
    Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/056bb81af4
  1. This is a phone app, go on your phone
  2. Signup: http://freemyap.ps/07a3c5ea
  3. Download apps and cash out that simple
  1. Signup: http://bit.ly/1QyYDi9
  2. Invest and watch the money come in
  1. Signup: http://bit.ly/1VUWd5q
  2. Get 3 other people with $18 dollars to signup and that’s all
  3. Watch the money come in
  1. http://www.mysteryshopgigs.com/
  2. Takes about a day for your account to be approved
  3. Follow the steps, after your account is made.
  1. Search app store/ playstore “gRateFriends”
  2. Signup and use sponsor DeAngelo25
  3. They will send you a company card when you get enough points
  4. Paid every month on the 5th
  5. Go around rating businesses etc
  6. Easy money
  1. Order a card. Click here or type www.paypal-prepaid.com/prepaid-debit-card/applyNow.m?AID=Refer2PayPal&uref=3030305925 into your Web browser. If you are asked to enter a referral code, use 3030305925.
  2. Activate the card. Once ordered, your card should arrive in the mail within 10 business days. Once you receive it, visit paypal.com/prepaid to activate your card.
  3. Add Money. Once activated, add at least $10 to your new Paypal Prepaid MasterCard account. You can add money by Direct Deposit, transfer from an existing bank account or from your PayPal account, or deposit cash at any of over 130,000 reload locations.
  4. Easy money!

FutureNet is a Social Media Platform with a difference. It actually pays you to interact on the platform

  1. Signup: http://teamdeangelo.futurenet.club/
  2. Get paid for logging in etc.
  3. They also have a investing program

Easy $10+ a day

Free $20 netspend card

1.Signup for your card: http://goo.gl/THvm2x

2. When your card comes in the mail add $40 to the card and they will add $20

3. Every person you signup you also get $20 so that’s easy money.

MCA A SCAM? Email Processing A Scam?

Yes Email Processing is a scam, it cost more than $25 and you just get people to signup over and over that’s all. Your not processing any emails.


Signup: http://goo.gl/07ASlq

Survey site that works

Request a payout anytime you earn over $1.00, or save up those earnings for larger cash payments

Payment options for you to use including Instant PayPal, Payza, Skrill & Amazon.