How To Download A Youtube Video

  1. Go to http://youtubeinmp4.com/
  2. Paste the URL of the youtube video, you wish to download.
  3. Click Download

Downloading Windows Movie Maker

  1. Download Movie maker
  2. Click “Get it now”
  3. Install and search for it “Movie Maker” open

Adding Money To Your Video

  1. Pickout which Team DeAngelo Money Video, you want: Money video Money on ps4 Money on counter Money by TV Money on Ps4 Game Money on PC
  2. Open Movie maker and drag the video you just downloaded, to the movie maker and add it to the end of your video.

Voice Over

  1. Open up Movie Maker
  2. Add the video you want to add the voice over to
  3. Make a video over with your phone or mic on your computer
  4. Click add me/drag the Mp3 file you made under the video.
  5. Play to make sure it sounds good then save it.

Removing Background Noise From Video

  1. Download Audacity
  2. Download Free Video to MP3 Converter
  3. Install both
  4. Open Free Video To MP3 Converter, then convert your video to a MP3 file
  5. Click “Add Files” then select the videos you want.
  6. Click “Convert” you will find MP3 you converted, where your “Save to” Location is set.
  7. Open Audacity, Click “File” Then “Open” and select the MP3 you just converted
  8. Click and drag to highlight the portion of the audio with background noise you want to remove.
  9. Select Effects and then the Noise Reduction
  10. Click “Get profile”
  11. Then go back to Effects and then Noise Reduction
  12. Repeat this until the noise is completely gone, or to where you find it suitable.
  13. When your done, click “File” then “Export Audio” Choose which format you want it in and thats all.


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